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Start your Lapdev deployment with open source version for free. And you can purchase a licence if you need the enterprise features later.

Open Source


A fully featured open source deployment that helps developers get more productive, and can scale globally.

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What’s included:

  • Self hosted with ease

  • Horizontal scalabilty

  • Devcontainer spec for configuration

  • Community support


$19 /user/month

Additional enterprise features that help you with better control over resource usage. Contact us for free 30 days trial.

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What’s included:

  • Everything open source

  • Cost controls

  • Audit logging

  • Email support

Spin up consistent remote development environment

Lapdev is a self hosted application that spins up remote development environments on your own servers or clouds. It scales from a single machine in the corner to a global fleet of servers.

Open Source

Lapdev core code is open sourced under AGPL-3.0, with selected features gated under an enterprise license.

Self Hosted

Lapdev is designed to be self hosted with minimum efforts for installation and maintenance, sparing you from digging too deep into the internals for troubleshooting.

Horizontal Scalability

With a simple yet powerful architecture, Lapdev can scale from a single machine to a fleet of servers, growing with your developer teams.

Open Standard

Using the Devcontainer open specification, Lapdev allows you to define your development environment as code.

Consistent Dev Enviroment

By defining your development environment as code, developers can start to code in the same development environment. No more "it works on my machine".

Save Onboarding Time

Onboarding developers to new projects don't need hours or days to prepare the environment on their machines. They can start to code instantly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the differences between Open Source version and Enterprise

They are the same binaries that run on your machines, and the open source version has extensive features that can boost your developers’ productivity. You can apply an Enterprise license to your installation later on to enable some additional features.

What IDEs can I use with Lapdev?

VSCode can connect through SSH Remote plugin, and JetBrains IDEs can connect via JetBrains Gateway SSH connection. Or you can directly SSH in, and use Vim or Emacs. There’s also a browser version of VSCode out of the box.

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